(Norway) March-April 2021

Delighted to have Anguilla Anguilla put forward for inclusion in the radio-art section of this festival by the curators of Radiophrenia.

Unfortunately, no trip to Norway in person as the festival moved online (due to small matter of a global pandemic). Reduced instead to googling pictures of Bergen and trying to astrally-project myself there

..it didn’t work, so had a cuppa and watched slow train journeys from Bergen instead..

Got a very warm glow looking at the listings and having work place alongside artists whom I’ve long respected. I remember discovering Gregory Whitehead’s stuff while at Uni, and am very sure I sited his work in a few essays- so to see this makes me unreasonably happy…

Online Exhibition of Illustration, Text and Sound- including Bandcamp album- with Luntario Editorial, Scottish Seabird Centre & Remembrance Day for Lost Species

Delighted to be selected for the soundwork section of this exhibition that is held annually to raise awareness about species decline, while raising money for causes that actively help preserve our ecology and at risk species.

The exhibition includes soundworks, as well as really beautiful visual art (see below), sculpture and text.

Broadcast by Radiophrenia FM (Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow)& Resonance Extra.

Anguilla Anguilla- Broadcast 18th Nov 2020 The Buffer Zone 2.30pm (Repeat via Resonance Extra)

Another year, another Radiophrenia- it’s a relief that even 2020 can’t hold this strange and wonderful collection of sound and broadcast art down.

Broadcasting from the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow (97.8FM), Radiophrenia is an annual project pulling together composers, sound artists, and those interested in transmission arts. The result is a temporary radio station (FM & Streamed) broadcasting ‘a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts.’

Editorial Assist- Ep 1: The Crossing Guard by Bianca Giaever. May-June 2020

Feeling down about the human condition? Consider the spiritual dilemmas of a school crossing guard, a documentary filmmaker, an artist who likes belts, and more. Constellation Prize, a podcast from The Believer magazine, talks to subjects about their daily existential problems — how art, God, and loneliness fit in their lives.

The Crossing Guard is wonderful piece from by Bianca Giaever in her new Pod series with The Believer Magazine. Bianca spent 6 months with Sophia, talking about loneliness, faith and NY traffic.

I can’t say much about the piece or the protagonist without ruining it, but wisdom, quick wittiness and warmth ooze from this piece as it winds its way through the existential knots and weeds of life experienced from the sidewalk.

My part in this was working through the drafts as an editor, alongside Andrew Leland. We’d…

Vox include our show as one of ‘18 Fascinating Non-Fiction Podcasts (that aren’t true crime)’- as an escape from the doom that is lockdown.

Review: April 2020

Flattered to be lined up amongst the shows in this listicle (Reply-All, The Allusionist, Dolly Parton’s America etc), all of which are favourite listens from producers we aspire to touch to coat-tails of!

Laura is an award-winning audio producer creating sound rich pieces for podcast, broadcast and installation.

As a creator, curator and editor, Laura is amped by

less commonly heard stories

told in more curious ways

Her interests are;

Archives & mashups (a la Negativeland)

Acoustic & soundscape ecology

Cinematic, spatial, spinal-chord tingling sound design

Crate digging

DIY and cross disciplinary partnerships/approaches

Radio & Transmission art

and, it seems…

list making

If you’d like to work or collaborate with Laura, please email:


What others have to say about Laura and her work

‘Laura Irving is professional, creative, responsive, friendly, lively, lovely, wonderful. I mean all of these adjectives with intense sincerity. I plan on working with her for years to come, so while I encourage you…

National & International award winning audio producer

Mar 19 Arts Council England and BEAF funding support Lambda Drive

Dec 18 Waveform AV & Flatpack Festival Programmers choice- festival commission

May 18-May 19 Jerwood Foundation/Waveform AV Artist Development Programme 10 AV artists selected for yearlong development programme

Nov 17 Arts & Humanities Research Council Research in Film Awards-Innovation Category Finalist

Nov 17 Third Coast International Audio Festival, Chicago. Best New Artist Winner

April 17 Charles Parker Prize, Sheffield. Best Student Radio Feature UK Silver Award

Sept 16 Vice Chancellor Award: Most Promising Post-Grad Applicant- Full Scholarship to MA Radio programme


Live performance of The Organist (and first outing for the midi-typewriter) at Crossing Boarder Literature & Music Festival in The Hague

We were delighted (and somewhat terrified) to be asked to attend this incredible festival at the dutch national theatre, and perform the podcast live.

We settled on an episode from the most recent season ‘The Narrative Line’, which weaves together an eclectic set of features about; storytelling, narrative structure, and the pursuit of understanding- knitted together with situational strands from show-host Andrew Leland’s series of essays on sight loss.

Lambda Drive is a touch sensitive immersive audio-visual experience; a road trip for the mind. Commissioned by Flatpack Festival and BEAF Festival 2019, support from Arts Council England & The Jerwood Foundation

Its night and you’ve been driving a long time. Heavy eyes, lights and white lines of the motorway- your mind starts its own journey- snippets of conversations, ghosts of memories, phase in and out, like analogue radio stations.

Lambada Drive is a mix of personally recorded and found audio letters, alongside content from internet archivists, all jumbled into a radio station of the mind. …

Playing with Fire: AV Installation by Mark Lloyd and Laura Irving

Digitally recreated image of the sun, projected via solar powered projector- accompanied by audio loop

In this collaborative piece, the artists wish to explore the relationship between the forces of technology and the forces of nature on the human animal.

Using particle systems, a CGI image of the sun plays on a loop accompanied by a soundscape of acoustical pressure waves emanating from the sun’s surface, mixed with audio samples from Nasa, and archive material from 1950’s public information films explaining light, and the virtues of work.

“The Sun…

Laura Irving

Audio Producer

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